America One Inc. has an engineering approach developed from the insurance industry to calculate a detailed and fair estimate. Our approach is not to “sell” you a roof but to educate and offer the highest quality roofing services and outstanding customer service with a friendly attitude.

We calculate our prices from an independent digital mapping service that provides detailed quantity of materials required. With that information, we generate a price estimate. This no pressure sales approach has become very popular with our clients.

Many times roofing contractors will “roof over” damaged components so they do not upset their customers with additional costs. This leads to weaknesses in the roofing system and a possible warranty conflict with the shingle manufacture.

We simply educate our customers, document the procedure and perform the replacement at the fairest cost and quality service that we can provide. What you think of us after we have completed your roof is most important to us. So feel free to contact us with your thoughts on how we are doing and what we could be doing better.



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