Roof Replacement 


The Process

Prepping the Job Site

A crew of 4 to 10 guys (depending upon your roof size) will arrive first thing in the morning and setup tarps to protect landscaping that could be damaged by falling shingles. Any outdoor furniture in the drop zone will be removed. We normally setup a disposal container in the driveway.

Loading the Roof

Our crews normally load the roof themselves to properly distribute the shingles over the entire roof.  This minimizes having to move the shingles around the roof.


Removing Existing Shingles and Prep Roof for Underlayment.

Shingles roof repair

The next step is to remove the existing shingles and nails from the roof deck. If we discover any damaged plywood, we will inform the homeowner on the needed repair. We will install new pipe collars as well as chimney and step flashing if needed.

Install Ice and Water Shield and Underlayment

Ice and water shield will be installed in the valleys and at the eves to protect from leaks and ice-damming. Then the synthetic underlayment is nailed over the entire roof to protect the wood decking from leaks and water intrusion.

Install Starter Strips

Next we will install starter strips all along the eves and rakes. This will form a sealed system that the shingles will bond to around the entire roof.

Install shingles 

The shingles shall be installed according to the manufactures instructions.  New ridge vent and ridge cap shingles will be installed to finish off the roof.


One the roof is completed we will throughly remove all debris. We use magnets to remove nails. All furniture will be placed back in original locations. A blower will be used to remove all shingle granules to finish off project. The entire project should take no longer than 1-2 days consecutively.

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